Featuring Zelcol, Dala & Winsor & Newton

ZEL-KIN is a liquid alkyd resin that speeds up drying time & improves flow.  It has a good resistance to yellowing and is useful for fine detail and glazing. Contents: Alkyd Resin and white spirits.

DETAIL is a quick drying medium for oil colours.  Is excellent for fine detail work and glazing and has a good resistance to yellowing. Contents: 2 Butanone-oxime.

ARTIST’S OIL PAINTING MEDIUM is a drying medium for artists oil colour that accelerates drying time as well as increasing flow and transparency.

ARTIST’S LINSEED OIL is a carrier oil for alteration of the oil paint consistency.  Linseed oil also increases gloss, transparency and fluidity while decreasing drying time.

LIQUIN reduces brush stroke retention and resists yellowing.  Has a semi-gloss finish.  Speeds drying and improves gloss.