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The Little Art Shop is packed with products, ideas and inspiration to enhance your creative, artistic journey.

The Little Art Shop George

The Little Art Shop was established in June 1999 as ‘Art Supply’ to supply much needed art materials to the local schools. We are now a treasure trove for artists, crafters and students, stocking an enormous variety of arts and crafts to suite everyones taste and pocket.  

We also do gift vouchers so come on in and spoil someone with the gift of art.

The Little Art Shop stocks many different ranges of Oil , Acrylic and Craft Paints

The Little Art Shop moved in 2015 to its present location at the Paddagat Shopping centre, George, Western Cape. We now stock many different ranges of Oil , acrylic and craft paint as well as Chalk and enamel model paint in most of the well known brands. We also stock brushes, palette knives and other craft and hobby tools as well as a limited supply of scrapbooking papers and embelishments. We stock Clock mechanisms, numbers and laser cut alphabet letters.

We are always on the lookout for the latest in art and craft trends and products such as Alcohol Ink Techiques and Acrylic Pouring techniques.  All the supplies for your next art masterpiece can be found right here.

Featured Products

3D Puzzles with LED Lights – TITANIC

3D Puzzles with LED Lights – TITANIC

Construction of RMS Titanic, funded by the American J.P.Morgan and his international Mercantile Marine Co., began on 31 March 1909, at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, UK.  Titanic's hull was launched at 12:13 on 31 May 1911, and her outfitting was completed...

Lets get Super Special with Spoil Yourself Paper

Lets get Super Special with Spoil Yourself Paper

Since 1492, the ARCHES paper mill has been making papers with unchanging qualities.  Made on a cylinder mould, ARCHES Watercolour paper has a harmonious natural grain.  Thanks to this method, the fibres are evenly distributed, the paper slackens uniformly when wet. ...